Daniel Murphy makes an error in Game 4 of the 2015 World Series
Daniel Murphy makes an error in Game 4 of the 2015 World Series

This was a game story I wrote as part of MLB.com’s internship application test at the end of 2015. While I was not selected for the program, I saved this piece and eventually joined MLBAM as a reporter for MiLB.com in 2017. There are plenty of changes I’d make to this if I were writing it today (like having the final score much, much higher), but I left the piece the way I filed it. Although Daniel Murphy had many brighter moments during the 2015 playoffs, his retirement jogged my memory that I saved this gamer.

For much of the…

When Francisco Lindor arrives in New York, he already has his sights set on what he wants to do first.

“I love pizza,” he said during his introductory press conference Monday. “I’ll probably eat some pizza.”

A relatable mood and a perfect mindset for coming to New York. Just ask Michael Scott, but pour one out for the Times Square Sbarro.

There’s somewhere in the ballpark of 32,000 pizza joints in the city, so the new Mets shortstop has plenty of options to pick from. But then again, his first foray into this city icon should be something to remember.

This hospital view still kicks ass

Reading Fredrik Backman’s new novel Anxious People made me feel just about every emotion one can possibly feel after reading. On its face and from the opening few pages, it seems like a book filled with one-dimensional jerks that you just want to scream obscenities at.

But by the close, it’s a novel filled with comedy, depth and love all wrapped into one beautifully told story. On the final page, though, one particular passage felt poignant to me.

The truth is that this was a story about many different things, but most of all about idiots.

A forever mood in one picture

I wrote this for my column writing class during my senior year at Boston University five years ago. Professor Klarfeld (may he rest in peace) always wanted us to use humor in creative ways. Even in 2020, this piece on the New York Jets feels fitting, albeit slightly dated.

To my weekend lover,

I’ll be honest with you, some of this is my fault — I’ll take about half of the blame. I do have to question some of my sanity after all these years. …

When you’re a kid, it doesn’t take much to take joy in little things.

Watching trains click and clack, planes fly high in the sky or even a loud voice on Nickelodeon can all draw your attention for a few seconds and make you smile.

But there are few things from those formative years that truly stick with you and make an impact for the rest of your life. For me, one of those things that has never wavered has been my affection for baseball.

In those early years of childhood, a game was always on TV in my house…

Yes, I’m aware the headline is hyperbolic.

I have plenty of family, friends, co-workers and health professionals that care about me and my well-being every day.

But, as a whole, whether it’s everyday people or leaders in government, it seems more and more that people do not care about those with chronic illnesses or the elderly. And that just makes my blood boil.

When the health crisis became a full-blown pandemic in mid-March, it was a weird and anxious time for us all. I think many of us would say March was the longest year of our lives.

Were we…

After my last post, it felt like I had hit a turning point, and things were finally back on an upswing. Things, as they tend to do if you have a chronic illness, can hit a wall in a flash.

This time, though, I was experiencing symptoms that were new — even for me — and honestly just felt embarrassing to talk about openly. That’s why I’ve waited so long to even get back to writing here. But this always feels like a cathartic project and acts a way to update everyone on what’s been going on in my life.

This time I kinda remember taking this photo

I promised myself I wasn’t going to use some sort of clickbait headline for this blog and just use “Another Life Update” or something basic along those lines. But in reality, it’s not clickbait although I wish half of it was.

Truly, it’s hard to narrow down what’s been the toughest year of my life. …

I have zero recollection of taking this photo

Two months ago, I read an incredible piece by Tessa Miller in the New York Times about living with Crohn’s disease. “Seven Thanksgivings ago, I got sick and I never got better.” Make mine 12 years and it’s right on the nose, Tessa. As I scanned down the article, I felt as if I was reading my own biography.

Up until the last few weeks, you probably noticed less of my presence on social media or in your texts/snaps, if you’re paying attention to those things. …

As I sat in my hospital bed in the summer of 2016 after having another setback with my Crohn’s Disease, I heard a nurse come in and reassure the patient next to me. He also suffered from Crohn’s and had a temporary ostomy put in place to relieve his pain. She told him that while this surgery was going to be a big part of his life, it didn’t define who he was or control his life. He could move on and live his best life with the right attitude — and medication, of course.

A little less than a…

Andrew Battifarano

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